Internship Opportunity at RVOS Insurance

Here is the info on a local internship opportunity:

Company : RVOS Insurance, Temple, TX
Position : Quality Assurance Intern
Duration : 6 months
Hours : 20 – 40 hours per week
Pay : $10 per hour
Employment status : Internship


  1. Software testing of our newly installed systems that supports our business in the areas of policy, claims and accounting.
  2. Help execute batches to generate documents for testing purposes.
  3. Correct issues found in PDF documents due to software defects.
  4. Testing the newly installed systems and upgrades for software defects.
  5. Detect, analyze and document software defects for our vendor.
  6. The opportunity to learn and understand the insurance business with training in the policy, underwriting and claims departments.
  7. The opportunity to be part of implementing new software systems which has a significant impact on how we do business in the future.

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