Dr. Paul Griesemer will spend the spring preparing to work on an awarded UMHB Summer Research Grant(accepted January, 2012). Dr. Griesemer will create a UMHB team in the RoboCup Soccer Simulation league, a virtual environment for developing strategies, algorithms and control systems that enable robots to play soccer. The primary outcome of UMHB’s participation in this league will be a unique undergraduate research experience that will inspire learning and teaching opportunities in a wide range of fields including robot control, image recognition, remote sensing and artificial intelligence. Dr. Griesemer has had an article accepted for publication in Acta Astronautica, a peer-reviewed journal entitled, "Optimal Ballistically Captured Earth-Moon Transfers."

Dr. William Tanner will be teaching classes during the spring while continuing prepare for ROBOTCAMP2012 which will be held in June and July. The results from the ROBOTCAMP2012 will form the basis for a paper to be written during the summer. Dr. Tanner's main summer research project will be the development of a research group to study energy engineering, e.g. photovoltaic production coupled with fuel cells for energy storage. Dr. Tanner will pursue the development of a small satellite creation project to be funded by a Faculty Development Grant submitted 31 March 2012.